Heat Exchange and Friction Analysis in Noble Gas Mixtures for Closed Gas Turbines

Authors: Egorov K.S., Stepanova L.V. Published: 19.12.2021
Published in issue: #4(139)/2021  

DOI: 10.18698/0236-3941-2021-4-4-18

Category: Aviation and Rocket-Space Engineering | Chapter: Thermal, Electric Jet Engines, and Power Plants of Aircrafts  
Keywords: close gas turbine, noble gases, heat transfer, Prandtl number, mixture of gases

The types of heat exchange surfaces used in closed gas turbines for space applications and their conversion version (ground application) as autonomous long-resource power plants of low power (less than 10 kW) are considered. The data of the works currently known in Russia and abroad on the developed turbulent flow in the tube when using gas mixtures with abnormally low Prandtl numbers (0.2) have been analyzed. Recommendations on the application of the analytical relations of Kays, Petukhov and Popov for the calculation of the Nusselt number in pipes are given. The influence of non-isothermal flow and initial pipe section on friction as well as the working body Prandtl number on heat exchange and friction for highly compact plate and fin heat exchange surfaces with staggered arrangement of ribs are analyzed. It is revealed that the relations obtained for the air model are inapplicable for working bodies with Prandtl numbers different from the air Prandtl number. The necessity of further experimental and analytical investigations of heat exchange and friction in tubes under transient flow regime and in highly compact finned surfaces with staggered ribs is confirmed


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