Optimisation Method for Multistage Compressors

Authors: Goryachkin E.S., Matveev V.N., Popov G.M., Baturin O.V., Novikova Yu.D. Published: 06.09.2021
Published in issue: #3(138)/2021  

DOI: 10.18698/0236-3941-2021-3-38-59

Category: Aviation and Rocket-Space Engineering | Chapter: Thermal, Electric Jet Engines, and Power Plants of Aircrafts  
Keywords: multistage compressor, optimisation, numerical model, parametric simulation, efficiency, stability margin

The paper presents an algorithm for seeking an optimal blade configuration for multistage axial-flow compressors. The primary tool behind the algorithm is 3D CFD simulation, augmented by commercial optimisation software. The core of the algorithm involves feeding an initial data vector to the parametric simulation module so as to form a "new" blade geometry, which is then transferred to 3D computational software. The results obtained are further processed in a program that implements the algorithm for seeking the optimum and forms a new input data vector to achieve the set goal. We present a method of parametrically simulation the blade shape, implemented in a software package, making it possible to describe the shape of the compressor blade profiles using a minimum number of variables and to automatically change the shape in the optimisation cycle. The algorithm developed allows the main parameters of compressor operation (efficiency, pressure ratio, air flow rate, etc.) to be improved by correcting the profile shape and relative position of the blades. The algorithm takes into account various possible constraints. We used the method developed to solve practical problems of optimising multistage axial compressors of gas turbine engines for various purposes, with the number of compressor stages ranging from 3 to 15. As a result, the efficiency, pressure ratio and stability margin of gas turbine engines were increased
The study was supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation as part of a government assignment (project no. FSSS-2020-0015 "Investigation of steady-state and non-steady-state dynamic and vibroacoustic processes in hydraulic and gas systems by means of physical and mathematical simulation")


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