Technique Employing Topology Optimisation to Determine Panel-to-Panel Support Bracket Positions in a Spacecraft Body

Authors: Borovikov A.A., Leonov A.G., Tushev O.N. Published: 03.09.2019
Published in issue: #4(127)/2019  

DOI: 10.18698/0236-3941-2019-4-4-19

Category: Aviation and Rocket-Space Engineering | Chapter: Aircrafts Development, Design and Manufacture  
Keywords: topology optimisation, finite element method, dynamic compatibility, spacecraft, technique

The paper presents a real-time technique for determining the minimum number of panel-to-panel support brackets in an unpressurised spacecraft body and their installation positions employing topology optimisation in order to satisfy the dynamic compatibility requirements between the spacecraft and its launch vehicle. These support brackets connect honeycomb panels of the spacecraft body, which form the foundation of its structural design. The technique should be used at early design stages (such as pilot project and draft design) to generate structural design options in real time. We provide a general approach to using the technique as well as its detailed description based on a test problem example utilising the MSC. Patran/Nastran software package. We stated the optimisation problem mathematically and described its parameter selection. We list primary advantages and disadvantages of this technique as compared to the classical use of topology optimisation. Results obtained via the technique proposed may be used as guidelines for design engineers developing design documentation. The paper also outlines potential further development of the technique

The study was supported by the RFBR grant no. 17-08-01468a


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