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Yanovsky L.S.

Baranov Central Institute of Aviation Motor Development (CIAM)

Moscow, Russian Federation

Yanovsky L.S.

L.S. Yanovsky (b. 1948) graduated from the Bauman Moscow Higher Technical School in 1972 and Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1976. Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Head of Special Aircraft Engines and Chemmotology Department, Baranov Central Institute of Aviation Motor Development (CIAM) (Aviamotornaya ul. 2, Moscow, 111116 Russian Federation); Head of Combustion and Explosion Department, Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics of Russian Academy of Sciences (IPCP RAS) (Akademika Semenova prospekt 1, Chernogolovka, Moscow Region, 142432 Russian Federation). Author of more than 250 publications in the field of heat and mass exchange in flow of thermal-chemically unstable liquids and gases, problems of creation of power consuming and endothermic jet engine fuels and temperature-stable aircraft lubricating oils and also in the field of working processes in units of integral ramjets and rocket-ramjets with fuels of various aggregative states.

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