Group-Theoretical Analysis of the Clustered Launch Vehicle Dynamics

Авторы: Pavlov A.M. Опубликовано: 03.09.2019
Опубликовано в выпуске: #4(127)/2019  

DOI: 10.18698/0236-3941-2019-4-20-30

Раздел: Авиационная и ракетно-космическая техника | Рубрика: Динамика, баллистика, управление движением летательных аппаратов  
Ключевые слова: launch vehicle, beam system, symmetry group, vibration frequency, irreducible representation, orthoprojector

In this paper we considered representation-theory-based eigenfunction classification of clustered launch vehicles vibration problems. Classification of vibrations modes was obtained by using projection operators, related with corresponding subspaces of irreducible representations of considered mechanical system symmetry group. For multiple frequencies we proposed the approach which allows to reduce corresponding vibrations modes to launch vehicle stabilization planes. In addition, for the launch vehicle with four boosters, the projections onto irreducible representations subspaces of right-hand side of the motion equations were found


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